Fujitec - China TV mode service

Fujitec TV mode service
Press menu button on remote control twice - recall Q.View - MUTE.

China TV LC mode service
At the state of "PRESET"."Ch Exchange",press 2483 to enter factory menu then press
mute, you can translate the pages.
At the last page of factory menu, hold\keep all the ready state & exit by pressing Menu.
Changethe enactment CH+/CH- choose the item which you want to change.
Vol+/Vol- change the item you have choosed.
LOGO Setting Key
0/1:Logo vertical position adjust
2/3:Logo Horizontal position adjust
4:Logo color adjust
5:Logo font zise
6:Switch line for adjust
7:reset logo position
Menu:save & exit
CH+/CH- : select the caracter to be adjust
Vol+/Vol- : Adjust the selected character

Fujitec TV manuals schematic

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