LCD TV Sony KLV26BX301 snow pictures

The problem is as follows (pictured above):
"Snow" - with a tinge purple (lack of green)
in the picture - the band melteshaschie green.
When adjusting the station: the arrest of the program in early for a split second, "pass" a good image, then set as in the photo.
Also, when establishing the station "snow" - black and white, without nuance.
guess the problem in service settings.

This problem radiopathes. There is no firmware or service is not treated. While there is a search - APCHG (either, or the equivalent) is disabled. How to change the channel - to move and fall of each. Try to move the frequency manually, see, if you already will know where to dig.
Other inputs (LF) are also bad do you think?

LF input - too bad image. Appears to replace SSB module.

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