Samsung TV mode service

Samsung CN5039 TV mode service
Television off possition, press MUTE button, input these number , 1, 8, 2, POWER, enter the menu service principal, to select a sub menu use Channel + / - and volume + / - to enter service mode Samsung CN5039 .
To select items press channel up or down to adjust press volume up or down
To return to the main menu, press MENU, press power to exit and save settings of Samsung tv.

Samsung DY-450 TV mode service
Open the remote control of Samsung Television (the board must have an identity.: D-19H), find the key hidden more below the key TV / VIDEO, it would go to service mode.

Samsung Plano TV mode service
On TV set press power on R/C go to stand by,press display-menu-mute-power on. Up & down to select Vol+ & Vol- to change data value.

Samsung TV manuals schematic

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